Many Football Manager players can’t imagine playing the game without various graphic add-ons. We continue with the review of the most popular graphics, and after facepacks, logos have come up.

In this list, we will highlight a few of the most popular styles of logos and where you can find other styles. Also, in the end, we will explain how to install the add-on.

Popular Logos

TCM Logos

TCM Logos is a style of logos that I must highlight before others. Why? A few years ago, in collaboration with the creators of this add-on, we managed to ensure that every Croatian club in the original Football Manager database has its logo included in this style. Therefore, if you prefer playing with Croatian clubs, look no further. This badge style is what you’re looking for. The style counts almost 67 thousand different badges of clubs, competitions, countries…


Metallic style

If, however, the badges of Croatian lower league clubs are not a priority for you, but you want to have as many club badges from around the world as possible, then the Metallic style of logos is the choice for you. This style currently counts over 80,000 different badges of clubs, competitions, countries…


Footbe style

For the end, we leave something different. If you prefer to have badges that are not identical, but somewhat reminiscent of the actual appearance of club logos, then the Footbe style is for you. In the picture above, you can see exactly what it looks like and what separates this style from the others.


Other styles

There styles are the most popular, but they are certainly not the only styles of FM logos. If you don’t like the three styles mentioned and would like something different, we recommend visiting the following websites and forums where you can find various other styles: FM ScoutSortitoutsiFM Base, and FM Inside.

How to install logos?

  1. Download the selected logos style
  2. The downloaded content will be packed in a .zip file (in most cases it is so, it can vary depending on the style)
  3. Unpack the content of the .zip file to the following location:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2024\graphics\logos\
  4. Start Football Manager 2024 (if you haven’t already) and go to preferences
  5. Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab and select ‘Interface’ from the dropdown menu
  6. Find the section titled ‘Skin’ (image):
    – Uncheck ‘Use caching to decrease page loading times’
    – Check ‘Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences’
  7. After some time of reloading the skin, the installed logo style will be available in the game