north macedonia

North Macedonia league is not available in Football Manager 2024 by default. However, with this add-on, that’s about to change.

We bring you an add-on that activates the first three ranks of competitions in Macedonia and the North Macedonian Cup.

This add-on was created by official Football Manager forum member aeightBee. On that forum you can find more information about the add-on as well as future updates.

Changes within the update – North Macedonia:


  • 1. MFL (12 teams)
  • 2. MFL (16 teams)
  • 3. MFL (5 regional groups, varies from 8-14 teams in first season, with more teams added later on)
  • North Macedonian Cup


  • Added dynamic TV money
  • Improved sponsorship and wage values (will allow for Build a Nation saves to be feasible)
  • Fixed issue with foreigner/non-EU rules after 2030

Installation instruction

Unzip the files to the following folder:
Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2024/editor data