Many Football Manager players can’t even imagine playing the game without various graphic add-ons. At the top of the list, there must certainly be facepacks.

In this list, we will highlight a few of the most popular styles of facepacks and where you can find other styles. Also, in the end, we will explain how to install the add-on.

Popular facepacks

DF11 Facepacks

With over 200,000 images of various players, the DF11 facepack is the best choice for those who like to have jerseys on player images. The creators of this add-on mostly use player photos from official photoshoots that clubs tend to do before each season.

If you decide for this style, the dimensions of the images themselves could pose a small problem. As such, they will not fit every skin for Football Manager. However, the creators of the add-on have addressed this problem by developing special add-ons for skins that bring out the best from the DF11 facepack, and some creators take this problem into account when creating the skin itself.


Cut-out facepack

The Cut-out facepack is the most popular and comprehensive style of player images. For over 10 years, enthusiasts gathered around the sortitoutsi.net community have been participating in the creation of this add-on, which currently counts over 430,000 player images.

Every year when a new Football Manager comes out, they release a large megapack with all the images made so far, and then a dozen updates throughout the year. The good news that will delight everyone is that the megapack can be downloaded via torrent at the beginning of the ‘season’.


Other styles

DF11 and Cut-out are the most popular, but they are certainly not the only styles of facepacks. They are definitely the longest-lasting, but every year new styles appear on the ‘market’. If you don’t like the two mentioned styles and would like something different, we recommend visiting the following websites and forums where you can find various other styles: FM Scout, Sortitoutsi, FM Base, and FM Inside.

How to install facepacks?

  1. Download the selected facepack style
  2. The downloaded content will be packed in a .zip file (in most cases it is so, it can vary depending on the style)
  3. Unpack the content of the .zip file to the following location:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2024\graphics\players\
  4. Start Football Manager 2024 (if you haven’t already) and go to preferences
  5. Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab and select ‘Interface’ from the dropdown menu
  6. Find the section titled ‘Skin’ (image):
    – Uncheck ‘Use caching to decrease page loading times’
    – Check ‘Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences’
  7. After some time of reloading the skin, the installed facepack will be available in the game